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Hulascize(PDF) Grade 4


Students get their heart beating in this fast paced game that teaches students about mulitiplication, division, factor pairs, quotients, and most importnatly team work! Level UP with Hulascize to take your studnets cooperative learning and FUN to a new place.



Hulascize .pdf comes with 1 set of Hulascize Exercise Cards and 1 set of Hulascize Coach Cards Cards, 1 grade level lesson plan, and 1 professional earning video. To Eduscize DIY you will need to purchase a hula-hoop, red and blue dry erase markers and a storage bin. All game cards are 3″ x 5″

Learning Target Met

I can use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions. I can evaluate expressions with these symbols. I can write simple expressions that record calcualations with numbers. I can interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them.

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