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Eduscize Curriculum

Eduscize FactGility®

Get your students up and moving with this fast paced game that teaches students counting, subitizing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and more!

Eduscize Hulascize®

Get your heart pumping with this engaging game that gets students moving and grooving all while engaging in standards based fun!

Eduscize Speed Cones®

Ready to make your class laugh and move with excitement? Speed Cones® gets students solving problems while moving like animals!


 Your students keep shooting their way to math success in this engaging basketball game. 

eduscize fast facts®

Do your students always debate who is the fastest in class? Well now it’s time to settle the score in this one of a kind game! 

Eduscize Bounce-A-Pong®

We know what you’re thinking teachers, but it’s not that type of pong! Students engage in fact fluency as they bounce away their competition. 

eduscize tap the line®

Time to get your cardio on in this fast moving competitive team game! 

Eduscize toss-a-fact®

Time for some low cardio to work on basic arithmetic all while perfecting tossing skills. 

Eduscize number-mat-it®

Time to cruise through the hundreds chart with this interactive math game! 

Eduscize dart moves®

Get chucking with Dartmoves® where students throw, move, and solve! 

Eduscize touchdown®

Move students down the field as they dash to solve basic math facts to score big! 


Who needs whack a mole when you can Toss-Amals®? Get tossing in this fun filled game!