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Summer Enrichment and ASP with IHT Spirit

Heart rate monitors combine with eduscize

Eduscize is the official STEM program of https://ihtusa.com/. In our unique model we combine Heart Rate Monitor Technology with the IHT Spirit System to create the first of it’s kind STEM program globally. Students get real-time heart rate data while developing core academics all while focusing on the Whole-Child. We combine STEM, SEL, the 4 C’s, and so much more!

What do teachers think?

Eduscize launched in Cobb County Schools in 2021 during a pandemic. We found a way to bring the FUN and engagement back to our schools when students needed it the most! Now Eduscize is in multiple districts throughout Georgia and is in Texas and Wisconsin as well.

Summer and ASP Programing

Customize it to meet your districts needs

Eduscize and IHT can customize your Summer/ASP programming to meet your local school and district needs. You could choose from 1 grade level learning pack, the Kinesthetic Classroom/ASP Pack, or the full Eduscize Learning Program.

Heart rate montiors

We customize the amount of heart rate monitors needed based upon your needs.

Any place, anywhere, anytime!

The program can be used in a classroom, Specialist Lab, a Physical Education classroom, outside and more. Anywhere you need it to go, Eduscize and IHT will customize it for your learning needs.

STEM, SEL, Math Fluency, and more!

The program is so easy to adapt, not only will you see Teachers changing the standards, you will see Students designing their own variations of game play, all while competing to LEARN. Eduscize is so much FUN, that students are no longer afraid of math. This program allows them to engage in hands-on meaningful play while meeting rigorous standards.

Customized professional learning

We design Professional Learning for your districts needs. We offer on site Eduscize Content Experts to oversee the programs implementation as well as re-train staff as needed. On-site Eduscize Content Experts can go to multiple site locations daily to meet your needs. We have trained ASP workers, High School Students, Parent Liaisons, Café Staff, and more. Our hands-on training methods make everyone the best Teacher they can be!

100% Engagement, All of the TIME