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Bounce-A-Pong Grade 1


It’s time to Bounce Away the competetion in this highly competive game of Bounce-A-Pong. Students will use numbers to generate various learning targets and will find out who can Bounce to learning success!



Bounce-A-Pong comes with 1 set of Blue Cups labled 1-10, 1 set of Red Cups labled 1-10, 2 sets of Ping-Pong balls labled 1-10, 2 blue dry erase markers, 2 red dry erase markers, and 1 storage bin. 1 lesson plan and 1 professional learning video.

Learning Target Met

I can count to answer “how many.” I can solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10. I can decompose numbers less than or equal to ten in more than one way.

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